Are you tired of boring and overly posed family pictures? Me, too. So I’m excited to share this playful family session with you today. We got the best pictures, and we had so much fun together. 

I must say, I often find that the sessions where we have the most fun are also the sessions where we end up with the best pictures. We don’t have to keep things stuffy in order to get some great shots of your family. Especially when we are photographing kids, the more they are moving around, the easier it is to get genuine smiles! I’m sure you have asked your kids to smile and then ended up with pictures of them with gritted teeth or a fake grin on their faces. Not here! 

These parents were not only okay with play, but they encouraged it. In fact, they brought a bubble machine to their session. Genius, I KNOW! The kids were SO engaged and had such a fun time with it. I love that it also gives lots of opportunities for interaction between family members and SO many smiles. It also kept the vibe relaxed and allowed the kids to be themselves. LOVE. 

Maybe bubbles aren’t your thing. It doesn’t have to be bubbles, but bringing something fun along with you to your session helps to keep your kids engaged and relaxed. We can get a good mix of candid and posed shots that don’t look stiff or overly posed. 

If you are ready for your own playful family session, let’s connect! I’d love to work with you to create a fun and engaging session so we can help capture your family having fun together. I promise you won’t regret it, and your new photos will look incredible on your wall. Let’s plan your next session together!

girl wears white sunglasses while bubbles float by during playful family session
parents and kids sit on stairs during playful family session
siblings hug each other and laugh during playful family session
mom and daughter hug and hold hands during playful family session
young girl plays at park by San Diego Photographer
mom and son play together by San Diego Photographer
young boy smiles by tree by San Diego Photographer
mother hugs children by San Diego Photographer
kids play with bubbles by Danielle Miranda Photography
children run around parents at park by Danielle Miranda Photography
man kisses woman's forehead under tree by Danielle Miranda Photography
mother and children play together by Danielle Miranda Photography
children run and jump during playful family session
brother and sister smile big during playful family session
couple wraps arms around each other by San Diego Photographer
kids hug mom and dad by Danielle Miranda Photography