Photographing a New Life

This is a fleeting, most precious time in your story. You are excited to bring a new life into this world, anxious about how it will change the life you lead, and so very hopeful for all of the things to come. I cannot wait to photograph this and feel so honored to be chosen to capture it.

A cropped in photo of a pregnant belly and flowers.
A woman poses in her backyard with an orange tree and her pregnant belly.
A woman in a white gown poses with her belly at the beach.
A pregnant woman poses in a bikini bottom and sweater on the beach.
A couple poses in a studio with a couch for a maternity session.
A woman in a pink gown cradles her belly on the beach.
A couple on a ranch poses for maternity photos.
A pregnant woman in a green dress posing in a forest.
A cropped photo of a pregnant belly and beach water.
A pregnant woman on her knees plays with her baby on the beach.
A woman in a black dress holds her pregnant belly in a studio.
A pregnant woman poses with an unbuttoned white shirt and flowers.
A woman in a bikini poses with her pregnant belly in the water.
A woman laying down cradling her pregnant belly.
A mother embraces her child and pregnant belly.