Chat With Me

Ask me anything!! From business to editing to shooting to posing to inquiries to everything in between. I'm an open book and would love to help!

$150 per hour

Edit With Me

I will show you my process from raw file to final edit and answer all of your questions along the way.

If you are wanting to fine tune your own editing process, we can edit several of your images together.

$200 per hour

Shoot With Me

Come along with me to a shoot!! You can choose which type of shoot you would like to photograph (Family, Maternity, Senior, Boudoir, Couple)

Follow along for just the shooting portion, the editing, the inquiry, whatever you need I am here for you!

$250 per hour

Mentorship Testimonial

"I cannot thank you enough for today!! I am so energized after spending an hour learning from you! Things that I want to do in the future to grow my business seemed almost insurmountable and after our talk, seem doable! Yay! I am so encouraged! I love your “jump in and start” approach + "Don’t think about it! Just do it”! These mantras will be on repeat in my head!!

I can’t even tell you how life-changing it is to hear your different ways you have gone about streamlining your business. Your expansive approach is just what I needed to break out of all of the limits I put on myself and

my business! It was sooooo freeing!"

Kim M.


do i have to be in business to be mentored?

Absolutely not!! We all start somewhere! I am happy to meet you wherever you are at on your photography journey. Hobbyist, business to be, or full blown in business I am here to help!

When do you do mentor sessions?

I prefer to do calls or editing on weekday mornings. For shoots I offer weekday evenings or weekend evenings during golden hour.

do i have to live in san diego to be mentored?

No! I can do Q&As or edit with me calls via zoom. For a shootalong it would be beneficial to be in person but if you just want to see how I run a shoot I can bring someone to record me and then do a Q&A with you after the session.