Look, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again and again – your photographer knows all the best spots you may never think about for your photo session. This moody family session is no exception. Would you believe these were taken at our local HOA pool?! I know. 

I love a session with a clear vision and vibe. This family had it all going on. They were down to have some fun in a somewhat unconventional location, and they were perfectly coordinated. There was SO much personality in these pictures. LOVE! 

Usually, I encourage clients not to be overly matchy for a session. This all-black outfit look was PERFECT for this shoot. It set the tone for their moody vibes and looked incredible against the white building and fountain. They all looked coordinated, but choosing black as a coordinating color helped to keep them from looking too similar. They each had their own look while sticking to the same color. 

As a San Diego photographer, one of my favorite parts of family photography is capturing the kids. Whether they are toddlers, preteens, or growing into adulthood, it is always fun to document the connections they have to their siblings and parents. This session was no exception. The kids had so much fun with each other and with their parents. You can see the HUGE grins on their faces during some shots, and it just makes me so happy.


During family sessions, I make sure to highlight each family member and all the connections. We usually include a mini couples session for Mom and Dad because their love is just as cute as the faces of those kids they’ve got running around. And of course we’ll give the kids a little portrait session because we both know they are going to look so good on your wall, and you’re going to want to remember their sweet, cute faces forever. 

If it’s about time you updated those family photos again, reach out! I’d love to help you document your family. Whether you’re into a moody family session or you want to head to the beach, I can’t wait to capture your family!

all-black outfits stand out against California architecture during moody family session
parents have fun with kids during moody family session
dad dances with daughter during moody family session
parents gather with kids in front of fountain during moody family session
daughter leans against iron gate by San Diego photographer
child sits on stairs with hands on railings by San Diego photographer
couple hugs each other in front of ornate black gate by San Diego photographer
family gathers on stairs together by San Diego photographer
loved ones hold hands and walk together by Danielle Miranda Photography
loved ones hug each other close by Danielle Miranda Photography
parents embrace as kids put hands on hips by Danielle Miranda Photography
child smiles with hands in pockets during moody family session
girl smiles looking over her shoulder during moody family session
mom hugs child by San Diego photographer
dad has fun with child by Danielle Miranda Photography