Would you believe me if I told you I took these black and white portraits in 5-minute sessions?! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Truly, these photos are from my black and white mini session, and I cannot say enough about how incredible these are. 

You’ve probably noticed by now that I LOVE mini sessions. There is no greater bang for your buck, and if you have kids, a mini session is the way to go. These black and white sessions are some of my very favorites, so I do them every year.


These are the mini-est of all my sessions at just 5 minutes. If you have rambunctious kids (and I mean, who doesn’t??) who would never sit for a full session, this is for you! Seriously. The shoot is so short, you don’t have to worry about their outfits since it’s in black and white, and these photos are TIMELESS. Just look at them! As a parent, SIGN. ME. UP! 

One of my very favorite things about these sessions is that they REALLY show just how much personality your kids have. And you and I both know they have TONS! This style really lets them shine. I am positive that when you look back at these pictures years from now, you will be immediately transported back to this stage and how they were at this age. 

Look, I’m not one to go bossing anyone around, but you should totally ditch the spring school photos and do these instead. Seriously. You won’t regret it. How could you?! You’ll capture a million times the personality and you will have photos you will cherish for a lifetime.


Mark your calendar because these black and white portrait mini sessions are coming February 2024. Let this be the best 5 minutes you spend capturing your kids and creating memories to cherish! 

girl sticks out tongue during black and white portraits
siblings sit together during  black and white portraits
young girl sticks out her tongue to make silly face during  black and white portraits
brothers hug each other and grin during  black and white portraits
boy hugs a bear by San Diego Photographer
brother kisses his sister by San Diego Photographer
siblings hug each other by San Diego Photographer
girl wearing hat puts hand on head by San Diego Photographer
baby grins as he sits by Danielle Miranda Photography
girl in headband smiles as she looks off to the side by Danielle Miranda Photography
boy laughs as he holds toy dinosaur by Danielle Miranda Photography
girl with long hear grins by Danielle Miranda Photography