Okay, so you’ve been in the trenches of parenting young children. It can be all consuming and take all of your energy, and those are just the good days! As life unfolds and your children grow more independent, it’s often the perfect time to shift some focus back onto ourselves. What better way to do that than with an empowering boudoir session?! 

It isn’t just about capturing pretty pictures (though you’ll undoubtedly look stunning, trust me!). It’s about embracing yourself in a new light, building confidence, and reconnecting with yourself. Clients are often surprised by how much a boudoir session helps them to see themselves differently. 

Recently, I got to photograph this incredible client, whose kids are getting older and more independent. She was an absolute vision, and her pictures are truly STUNNING. We headed to the studio, a bright, airy room with a cozy white bed. It was the perfect backdrop for her intimate portraits. 

She chose a couple of fabulous looks for her outfits. First, an oversized white button-up for a classic casual yet sexy look. Then she turned up the heat when she slipped into a sleek black bodysuit that accentuated her curves beautifully. She added a sheer black robe that she wore off the shoulder and looked absolutely radiant.


If you feel like you lost yourself a little bit in raising your kids, or if you’re just ready to reconnect with yourself and celebrate your body, an empowering boudoir session is for you. Trust me, you will look better than you even imagined. Take a little time for yourself and practice a little self-care. You deserve it, and you are so worthy.

When you’re ready, reach out and let’s book a session. I promise you won’t regret it. I can’t wait to help you rediscover how incredible you really are!

woman hangs head off edge of seat during empowering boudoir session
woman wears a white shirt while laying on the bed during empowering boudoir session
woman runs hands through hair laying on a chair during empowering boudoir session
brunette lays on bed in black bodysuit by San Diego Photographer
brunette leans on stool in front of bright window by San Diego Photographer
lady hangs her head off the edge of the bed and plays with hair by Danielle Miranda Photography
lady sits on back of couch leaning forward wearing black lingerie by Danielle Miranda Photography