I hope you are ready for all the romantic vibes with this anniversary couples session. It’s bound to make your heart flutter. You might recognize her from a branding session I did several months ago. One of my favorite things as a San Diego photographer is when clients love my work so much they return again and again! 

Couples sessions aren’t just for engaged couples. They are a great way to celebrate your anniversary and the love you share together. It’s an opportunity to focus on the two of you and capture your relationship as it grows and changes. 

For this photo shoot, she repurposed her original wedding dress and totally rocked the look. How creative and romantic! I am sure that it brought back all the memories of promising to love one another for the rest of their lives. What a great way to celebrate an anniversary! Talk about making memories and cherishing moments in the most unique way!


She accessorized her wedding dress with white and tan cowboy boots. They fit perfectly with the ranch vibes at our location, adding that extra touch of rustic charm to the photos. 

But wait, there’s more! Paragliders soared through the sky and made an unexpected, but oh-so-magical appearance in the background of our shoot. It’s so fun when unexpected things happen during a shoot and we get to capture images we didn’t plan on! 

From laughter-filled moments and tender embraces to unexpected surprises and creative wardrobe choices, this session was a blast from beginning to end. It was such a beautiful celebration of love and commitment.


If you are looking for a fun and creative way to document your relationship, book an anniversary couples session! Or if you are celebrating any other special occasion, or if there’s no occasion other than you want to celebrate that you’re together with your partner. Reach out! Let’s book a session together. 

man and woman hold hands during anniversary couples session
man and woman kiss in front of rocks during anniversary couples session
sun sets behind man and woman in white gown during anniversary couples session
man looks at woman as she looks off to her side and sun sets behind them during anniversary couples session
husband and wife lean in for a kiss by San Diego photographer
husband dips his wife in her wedding gown by San Diego photographer
paragliders fly through the air as man and woman look on by San Diego photographer
wife twirls her the skirt of her wedding dress as her husband stands nearby by Danielle Miranda Photography
couple walks together at ranch during golden hour by Danielle Miranda Photography
cowboy boot peeks out from under white dress as it rests on fence by Danielle Miranda Photography