You might recognize this family from a cactus garden shoot a few months ago. As a San Diego photographer, I love when clients come back for me to capture new memories for them. Instead of heading out to an outdoor location, we opted for a simple studio family session this time.


You already know that I’m all about a great location. There are all the classic San Diego spots, like Balboa Park and Coronado. And there are some of my personal faves, like Olivewood Acres, or the hidden gems like the field near my house that looks incredible when it dies during the winter. Seriously. I bet when you think about an incredible location, a dead field isn’t your go-to, but that is only because you haven’t seen this field. TRUST ME.

Even with all the incredible locations around, sometimes an indoor studio shoot is the perfect option. You just really can’t beat the bright light and neutral backgrounds of a studio space. I love, love, LOVE the full wall of windows in this studio and all the natural light they let in. And the white backdrop keeps the focus on YOU. 

We had so much fun during this shoot. I’m sure that you can tell from the photos that these sisters know how to let loose. I keep things casual, relaxed, and moving whenever kids are part of a session. These girls really love each other, and they shared the cutest giggles and dances together. Mom and Dad play with the girls a lot, and that helps keep things relaxed. The more comfortable you are, the better pictures we get. So, it’s perfect when families are just enjoying each other’s company and playing around. The candid shots are the best. 

I would love to help you capture your own memories. Whether you have your heart set on a specific location, or you want a simple family studio session like this one, we can make it happen! Reach out, and let’s get you booked!  

girls hug their parents during simple studio family session
parents dance around with daughters at simple studio family session
sisters sit together as shadows are cast on their faces at simple studio family session
young girl leans against wall with shadows on her face at simple studio family session
sisters run and play in bright light by San Diego Photographer
sisters lean against wall together by San Diego Photographer
loved ones gather on white couch by San Diego Photographer
couple laughs together with arms wrapped around each other by San Diego Photographer
children cuddle up to their parents on a couch by Danielle Miranda Photography
parents wrap arms around daughters by Danielle Miranda Photography
siblings lay on ground with hair spread out around them by Danielle Miranda Photography
girls dance and spin around their mom by Danielle Miranda Photography
girls hug thier mom and dad at simple studio family session
dad carries his two daughters during simple studio family session
girl sits on stool looking up and smiling by San Diego Photographer
girl sits on stool kicking leg out by San Diego Photographer
sisters stand back to back smiling by Danielle Miranda Photography
two girls lay on couch with their heads hanging off the edge by Danielle Miranda Photography