Would you be surprised to hear I took all of these photos (and more!!) in just 15 minutes? That’s exactly what I did for this Coronado mini session. Can you even believe it?! 

Don’t underestimate a mini session! They are short but sweet, and it’s all the time I need to get the most gorgeous pictures of your family. I love that they are such a quick and easy way to update your family photos. As a bonus, since they are so quick, you don’t have to worry about restless kids or waiting around! 

I can’t help but gush about the shoot I had with this sweet family. It felt like everything was perfect—their outfits, the sky, the beach, all of it! The sun was peeking out from the clouds and giving us such incredible lighting, not to mention that the sky looked gorgeous on its own. As a San Diego photographer, I always have a good time photographing at the beach.

This family chose really great outfits for their shoot. Sticking to solid colors that are complementary is always the way to go. The colors they chose were especially great at the beach, and the sisters’ dresses really popped. Simple outfits that aren’t too coordinated look great in photos! 

To top it all off, we had such a blast together. These girls had so much fun with each other! I got some of the best laughs and giggles as they played together. This is the beauty of embracing candid, unposed photos and letting kids be themselves. As they played, I got to capture some really sweet photos of them together and with their parents. 

If you are on the fence about a short and sweet shoot, let this Coronado mini session be your sign to just book it! Imagine having pictures THIS GOOD in just 15 minutes! Update your photos without investing a ton of time or money. Come have fun with your family while I document it all for you. I can’t wait to see you at a session soon!

girls hug parents legs during Coronado mini session
family gathers together near large palm tree during Coronado mini session
parents hug girls during Coronado mini session
sisters hug each other on the sand at Coronado mini session
sisters run in the sand during Coronado mini session
young girl laughs and looks over shoulder during Coronado mini session
sisters giggle and play at Coronado mini session
parents spin daughters around during Coronado mini session
girl brushes hair out of face by San Diego photographer
daughters hug mom and dad by San Diego photographer
family gathers in a hug by San Diego photographer
daughters hug mom by San Diego photographer
couple hugs each other on beach by San Diego photographer
mom laughs after daughter knocked her over by San Diego photographer
sisters hold hands as they walk in the waves by San Diego photographer
daughters lean into parents by San Diego photographer
sun shines behind family gathered on the beach by Danielle Miranda Photography
child holds up dress from waves by Danielle Miranda Photography
mother spins child in the waves by Danielle Miranda Photography
mother hugs child by Danielle Miranda Photography
father spins child around by Danielle Miranda Photography
family runs along beach by Danielle Miranda Photography
children play in waves while parents look on by Danielle Miranda Photography
girls laugh and run through waves by Danielle Miranda Photography
parents look at each other as daughters hug their legs by Danielle Miranda Photography