Hi, I'm Danielle Miranda!

I have 9 years of experience photographing children. Not to mention, I have 3 young sons of my own so if anyone gets how hard it is taking photos of their kids, it's me. Hi! I am hoping that these 5 easy tips help you to capture your kiddos in your day to day life in a more dramatic, natural, and fun way! These tips are easy to understand and you can apply them right away so have fun with it and get some great photos of your kids while you practice!

I would love to be the one to capture every moment of your family but alas I am not a stalker so hoping these tips help!!

My 5 Easy Tips for Upping your Photography Game at Home

#1-Get Low!

Children are not the same height as us, so why would we only take photos of them from our level? Try getting low and see how that feels. I spend a good portion of my sessions with little ones actually sitting on the ground. It allows you to make direct eye contact with your kiddo and since they aren't used to you being so low they will definitely be interested in what you are doing! After you get low, get even lower to capture those baby toes!!

I was kneeling so my face was directly in front of his little toddler face.

Definitely laid on the ground to get those tootsies.

Sometimes you get sand on your actual face but being on the ground with them was worth it!

I made sure I was below the bench so her face and body were the focus.

#2-Get high! (no, not like that hehe)

We already got down to their level, but now go even higher than your usual viewpoint. If they are on the ground, get above them. Stand over them and give them some tickles and you'll get amazing shots, promise! Stand on a chair and get an even cooler more dramatic view!

I stood directly above him to get that really beautiful eye contact.

If you go above you might get those tootsies in the shot too!

I was definitely on a stepstool for this one and it definitely made the photo!

Stand over them, make funny faces, give tickles, make magic.

#3-Get wide!

Your kiddo is adorable up close, but capturing your kiddo even further away makes for a dramatic and elevated photo. Capturing your child WITH a beautiful backdrop behind them is just the best!

Have them slowly go toward the birds, step back, and THEN yell run!! Don't forget to go back before you yell run!

The sky with the dunes and their ball just looked perfect from a far away perspective.

Showing more of the backdrop than her worked really well here and made it more dramatic.

Have them hold hands and walk away and the magic begins!

#4-Get close! Like, really close!

These are my personal favorite type of photos, and now with a zoom on your phone it makes it even easier because you don't have to be that close to them to capture the details. Their cute button nose, their freckles, their beautiful eyes. Their dimples and serious face and big wide laugh. Get it all up close and personal because these details are fleeting and NEED to be captured forever.

The dandelion literally in the mouth while he's trying to blow it!! Would not be as impactful far away.

It's ok just to capture a hand in a glowy field!

Her frecklessssss needed to be documented up close.

Those newborn details. Always.

#5-Get Quiet!

Imagine what you could capture if you weren't yelling at your kid to look at you and they weren't screaming cheese at you every time they saw your phone. Go quiet, be an observer. Channel your inner Jane Goodall (the ape lady) and just watch. You'll capture the most amazing moments!

Give them a prompt like Climb that Log and then watch the fun.

Nature observing!

Bubble play is always great for photos!

And the beach is the absolute best!

I hope my tips help!! Keep me posted on how it's going and when in doubt yell "Poop!" Gets them every time.